Double chance betting

Double chance betting!

One of the most popular betting markets today is the double chance betting. There are three options provided to you for a double chance betting and they are:

-12 where you bet on that either away team or the home team will win the match;

-1X where you bet that the home team will win or that it will finish in a draw;

-X2 where you bet on that the away team will win or it will end up in a draw.

Almost all online bookmakers have the double chance betting available.

This type of betting is quite popular because you put 2 out of 3 possible outcomes for one match. Your chance (if we look this mathematically) is 33.33% to win. But with the price of doubling your chances of winning you will have lower odds.

If we take as an example Southampton and Arsenal (Arsenal playing at home), Arsenal is the favorite team so the odds are: draw 4.00, Southampton 6.00 and Arsenal 1.53. In a situation like this, it is too risky to bet on Southampton to win, so your best choice here is to bet on a double chance. So you look at the odds for a double chance which is Arsenal or Southampton 1.15, Arsenal or draw 1.14, Southampton or draw 2.40. So with placing your bet on Southampton and draw you are doubling your chances of winning with still having pretty good odds.

If you learn how to use it right, the double chance betting can bring you profit. It is always better to get something than nothing, so this is not that risky option and you easily win money.

Live betting!

There is so much to talk about live betting because lately it is becoming more and more popular. We already had an article about live betting but we believe that there are things that you as bettors should learn about. Yes, the pre-game sports-betting is fun and it brings excitement with itself but live betting pushes those limits so much more. Instead of placing your bet before the matches start when it comes to live betting, you are placing your bet when the match has already started. There are also betting markets available for live betting like multiple handicap options, 1X2 bets, totals, first team to score and many more. One of the biggest differences about live betting and pre-game betting is that the odds in live betting can vary through the game. The changing live bets are provided by a live trader and the live trader functions as the bookmaker’s representative.

Double chance betting

It is not recommended for new bettors to bet here, but a smart and experienced bettor can profit a lot out of live betting. If we take as an example a match between Netherlands and England and the score is 2-1 and it is 70th minute of play, you can place your bet for England to score in the next couple of minutes. The odds are being changed in a matter of minutes or even seconds and they depend on the performance of the teams playing the match. With paying closer attention to the changing odds you can easily predict the possible outcomes of the match. Smart and experienced bettors can as well place their bet depending on the situation of the match which means they can place their bet without checking the past statistics.

Also you should be aware of when to exit a bet because that way you can cut loss and avoid losing money. In order to be successful at live betting you should have the ability to ‘read’ the game and to decode the odds. Just spot the opportunities and you can make a profit out of them. You can make money in the first 25 minutes of play and in the final 10 minutes of that game.

Live betting is especially great when your favorite team is going to play but you are not so sure that they can easily win the match, so you should use live betting then. Check how your favorite team is going to perform at the beginning of the match and you can even wait up to half-time. During that time you should pay attention to the coordination and tactics of your favorite team and as well as the performance of their opponents and also the strictness of the referee.