No, and this is not negotiable. This information is very expensive and we cannot provide it for free for several reasons. Bookmakers may suspect something if a lot more money is supplied for the match than they expected. Also, if the game is widely publicized in the media, players may refuse to cooperate further. Our goal is to find a few hundred permanent customers who are interested in such earnings.

The reliability of information about matches about 92%. The quality and quantity of matches offered are gradually increasing, and the buytips1x2.com team is constantly working on it.

This question often arises in people who are far from sports, bets, and match-fixing. Matches in which all 22 main players, substitute, coaches and referees are in the contract course are unrealistic. I have never seen such matches. It makes no sense to buy up all people participating in events, this increases the risk and will cost the organizer very expensive. Usually, to buy the game in football, enough goalkeeper, 2 central defenders, and 2-3 players midline or attack. The rest of the players can run across the field for an hour and a half without understanding why they lose. In hockey, in order to pass the game, the goalkeeper is enough, since in one period 10 shots on goal are applied. Even if all players are aware of the contract on the field, it absolutely does not mean that the game will end 100% with the desired result. Thousands of people are looking at the players, you can’t just score a goal instead of your opponent.

In this case, you will get the closest match for free. In any case, despite rare failures, we remain the highest quality service for the sale of this information that you can find on the Internet.